2 thoughts on “Xylem Design”

  1. Paul,

    You and your team at Fastcap really have it goin on. Reminds me of my heady days back at Maytag … we had so much fun! (Lean transformation: Searcy, Arkansas 2002-2006) I’ve worked at 3 different places since trying to recapture that magic.

    I am very impressed with Greg Glebe and his team at Xylem Design. Personal touches with his people’s stylized images and Lean Lunch sharing ritual. visual management with color out the ying-yang (BTW not a Japanese lean term)

    When will you be visiting the DFW/Houston Texas areas? Love to meet you and press the flesh – I feel like I already know you from the videos – gonna go listen to your flow webinar right now.

    • Hey Daryl: The key is to create the magic by believing in people! I’d love to meet you when I come to Dallas. Paul


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