Lean Roundtable #3 – How Engaged is Your Team

On this week’s show, Paul Akers moderates the third lean roundtable where this month’s discussion focuses on how engaged are your people? The panel is comprised of the following lean fanatics:

Michael Althoff of Yellotools
Ashley Bailey from Klime-Ezee
Bruce Ennis from Be Quality
Greg Glebe of Xylem Design
Loren Jones of Xylem Design
Nick Koceljl of Walters & Wolf
Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy
Joe Danko of SnapCab
Paul Akers of FastCap

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2 thoughts on “Lean Roundtable #3 – How Engaged is Your Team”

  1. Paul,

    I love your program and making attempts at implementing lean in my home (wife and two kids). Thank you for the videos and the interviews.

    Just a comment – when you asked your employed about their buy-in to lean, it seemed that many of them were afraid to give an honest answer. I wonder if some of them are not tired of hearing about lean. Just a thought.

    Can you put more of your morning meetings on your website. I think that would be excellent.

    Another thought – loved the video on E rest Base Camp – I think that this may now have more meaning for you and your life now that the tragedy of the Nepal quake and the loss of life there where you stood, just a brief moment in time, ago.

    Be safe in your travels and eep up the good work!!


    • Charlton, it’s always possible to interpret that my employees were put on the spot, but I can guarantee you they were not. Thousands of videos that they have produced on the Internet and if they felt worse or under pressure there’s no way they would produce all those videos!

      Recent lean mgt meeting – https://youtu.be/wftfQul09oI



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