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2 Second Lean
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What people are saying about the 2 Second Lean

Lean is not mean. It is the coming style of good management. Paul Akers explains how the system blurs the distinction and soothes the frictions between labor and management by enlisting the brainpower of all employees from the top to the bottom. Under Lean we are all management whether in the private or the public sector, Karl Marx would never have approved!
~Dick Morris, author of 8 New York Times Best Sellers, Fox News political analyst

Paul Akers has built FastCap into an industry leader and one of the most exciting manufacturing companies in America. His innovative, thoroughly American use of lean manufacturing principles and techniques has made him a top expert who is in high demand to speak to and teach his secrets to all kinds of organizations, from factories to hospitals to office environments. On my visit to FastCap, Paul’s employees showed me several examples of how they have employed the 2 Second Lean principle to save time and money – usually saving a lot more than just two seconds! I’m a believer, and have incorporated many of Paul’s strategies and principles into my own office’s CQI process, helping me empower and motivate more than one thousand legal professionals and support staff to save our clients and taxpayers millions of dollars.”
~Rob McKenna, Washington State Attorney General*
*Title is for identification purposes only and does not imply an endorsement by the Attorney General’s Office or the State of Washington.

This is the story of Paul Akers’ personal quest to create a Lean company, complete with his agonizing call to adventure, exploring new possibilities (in Japan, at FastCap and in his life), his path of mistakes and revelations, and eventually achieving the prize – the truth about the heart and soul of Lean. Through photos of Paul’s Lean journey, we come to know the person, the process of being Lean, and the principles that change everything. Paul demonstrates the same spirit of adventure that I imagine the engineers at Ford and Toyota must have felt those many years ago a spirit so often lost in modern Lean.

2 Second Lean is a tangible embodiment of the principles. It’s fast, effective and delivers tons of value. No consultant-speak or keeper-of-the-faith orthodoxy here, but a deeper, almost spiritual, grasp of being Lean.

This remarkable book stands out among the plethora of Lean books. If you’re new to Lean, get this book! If you‚’re a Lean expert, get this book! Either way, it won’t disappoint.
~Randall Benson – Lean Consultant and author of The Quest Effect

This is awesome. Love all the photos. Love the home applications. If all Lean ‘gurus’ practiced what they preached… hmmmm…
~Holly Duckworth, Ph.D. – Kaiser Aluminum
Vice President of Continuous Improvement

I met Paul Akers of FastCap more than one year ago. Paul personally visited the City of Ferndale and spent time with employees teaching the concepts of Lean. We have continued Paul’s teaching and embrace and use the Lean principles he writes so eloquently about in 2 Second Lean on a daily basis. Each Friday morning we have our Lean roundtable. Lean is such an important part of what government should be and do. The public many times has a distorted opinion of government employees. Our city employees have embraced the concept of constantly seeking out improvements and efficiencies to their job duties. I’m most impressed with how all employees interact and share ideas for improvement. This has brought more of a team atmosphere than has been exhibited in the past. Every person, from the new employee to the long-time veteran, should feel they have value and their ideas can make a difference. Every city should explore what LEAN can do!
~Gary S. Jensen – Mayor, City of Ferndale, Washington

Learn how to operate with the maximum efficiency while creating a productive and positive environment in all that you do. The excellent examples and analysis in this book are a great primer for anyone seeking successful growth.
~Dr. Nido Qubein – President, High Point University and Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

Paul Akers has a passion for Lean that is totally infectious. FastCap continues on their Lean journey to continuously improve. Their approach to engaging employees for their ideas is World Class and it shows with everything Paul and his team do.
~Harry W. Kenworthy – Principal & Manager at Lean Government Center

A great book from Paul Akers – my Lean brother from another mother. Paul shows you that Lean is simple stuff that is fun and really works! 2 Second Lean is a Lean Leadership and Culture story that will help you DO good, FEEL good, and RAISE THE TIDE for your whole organization.
~Karl Wadensten – President Vibco Vibrators and Radio Talk Show Host Lean Nation on AM790 and 790Business.com

This powerful book takes you into the dynamic world of FastCap without the airfare. You’ll discover the powerful improvement community that Paul Akers’ simplicity, humility and enthusiasm created. As Paul notes – we have it backwards. And when we turn our thinking around, we’ll do things we never imagined possible. That’s why it heartens me to know that Paul teaches his continuous improvement principles to government. Despite his claim that 2 Second Lean is not for MBAs or those who love theory, I recommend improvement experts everywhere read it for a dash of simplicity. This book brings Lean to life.
~Meryl Runion, CSP, author of PowerPhrases and nine other books on collaborative communication

Everybody tells you how to implement Lean… but Paul reveals the values that make Lean grow from within your people. In my opinion, that is the significant contribution this book makes to the broader base of knowledge. Well done.
~Tony Oliver – Denver, Colorado

Finally! A gloriously interactive book that makes learning about Lean accessible, easy to digest, and FUN! QR Code links to videos and thought-provoking reflection exercises engage you in an awesome reading experience…
~Linda Kleineberg – CMO at VIBCO Vibrators