Lean Headphones

Sometimes magnets can really mess with your head, but Tyler and Lyle fixed that!

Lean Order Alert Pt 2

08.02.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Fastcap

Lean Order Alert Pt 1

Saed works with Max and Lukas to come up with an excellent order alert system #andon at the FastPipe work station.

Lean FastPipe Build

Saed & Peter get some help from Jayme & Andréa to save time packaging the FastPipe product.

3D Jig

Matt and Tyler work together to create a 3D jig for the Best Fence Stops.

Lean Kanbans

Skylar gets creative in moving kanbans forward. Simple solutions are so underrated!

My Robotic Lawnmower

Paul Akers installs an auto lawnmower at Leanne’s parents’ old place.

07.28.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Homes

Tyler get all his bits organized!

Strong Visual Controls

Matt uses strong visual controls to make sure the clutch is set properly!

Lean Home Shop Pt 2