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Lean Life Summary

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Often when I read books I’m not quite sure what the author’s main point is, so I find myself racking my brain to figure out what they are trying to communicate. This can be frustrating and time-consuming. So when I write, I want my meaning to be as clear as possible. To make it easier for my readers I try to include a section that easily summarizes my thoughts into just one simple concept.

In Lean Life, I discovered that the missing piece for a fantastic life is to “know yourself.” I believe we think we know what we want in life and the relationships that are important to us, but in fact, most of us are simply clueless. Having traveled to over 100 countries, I have witnessed vast numbers of dysfunctional lives, including my own.

The question is why? Because we don’t know our most important customer…ourselves. This concept is more profound and impactful than I would have ever imagined. It is crucial that we do this with precision and accuracy. There’s no room for “kinda sorta.” You have to know yourself with total clarity. It is the most essential work you do and will almost guarantee a life with deep meaning and happiness.


Imagine we are driving down the road in the middle of the desert with no cell service, the radio is broken, and the air conditioner doesn’t work. The windows are down, there is a dog between us, and we are letting it all hang out. We are both in awe of the simplicity of that moment and we’re talking about life and what it’s all about.

Most people’s lives are so screwed up and they are living with a fraction of the joy they should know and experience. How could life be so marginal for so many when the very meaning of the word “life” echoes and resounds positivity? The answer is revealed on the cover picture of this book: we are not using our brains! This is really what this book is for me…a straight up, no BS shot at fixing the main reason life can get so messed up. Make no mistake, I’ve made quite a few mistakes and I will admit them openly. The vast majority of the people that I hang with our pretty self-actualized and generally speaking they have their act together. None the less, there’s plenty of unwanted junk messing up most of our lives. If we were to be honest with ourselves, we are the curators of dysfunction. I promise this will not be an intellectual exercise. No psychobabble. I don’t understand it and it never helps me anyway. Rather, this is the perspective of an average guy who happens to be in love with Lean and fixing what bugs him. So if simple and practical is your preference, you’re in luck! It is for me as well. If you have a modicum of curiosity and you want to see how I do life better, then Lean Life is the right book for you.

The One Thing – Problems are opportunities to learn.