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Lean SpeedBrace Packaging

Christian improved the packaging when shipping different size FastCap’s SpeedBrace, making it easy for FastCap and our customers!

For more information on FastCap’s SpeedBrace, visit our website.

Little Lipper Improvement

Lukas makes some changes to the Little Lipper build area to make it easier to add the new hand guard.

For more information on FastCap’s Little Lipper, visit our website.

Lean Production Vacuum

First Jayme, then Lyle & Jen, then Jen, then Lukas improve FastCap’s production vacuum. What a great team effort!

FastCap products used:
Holey FastWrap
Kaizen Foam
Fastcap Cover Caps

If FastCap Played Chess?

Ronan shares his Chess analogy of 2 Second Lean with Paul, who, in turn, shares it here.

Lean Wipes

Peter shows how he improved the improvement to clean off the injection molding machine screen.

For more information on FastCap’s PowerMags, visit our website.

Lean Build Station

Lukas fixed what bugs him today by fixing the gap in the back of the build stations, which led to even more fixes. He used or discussed the following FastCap products:
Euro Door Stop
Deflector Fastening System
Powerhead Screw/Kit
Speed Dollie
Remote Control Vacuum (RCV)
ProCarpenter Tape Measure
Fastcap Cover Caps
Kiss Drill Bit System

Box Backer

Tyler creates a backer for the storage boxes so that they can easily be faced off. Stop the struggle!

Are you improving your improvements?

Lukas discusses how he uses FastCap ProHold to improve his improvement for keeping the spray adhesive in its proper place.

For more information on FastCap’s ProHold, visit our website.

FastCap Bathroom | Lean Bathroom

You would think that our famous FastCap Bathroom would be perfect since we always say Lean starts in the bathroom! Every FastCap tour starts with our visitors cleaning our bathroom! But Jen found a few more ways to improve our bathroom. Always improving!