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Thank you for changing MY life!

by Rick Black

Paul, thank you for changing MY life by providing me the thought process to change OTHER people’s lives.

This trip delivers!

by Ryan Jackson

The Japan Study Mission trip delivers! I wanted a Gemba into the philosophy and culture that could support lean. I did not want to let my people down by being another failed lean project and I believe I now have the support needed for a successful transformation. Education plus experience plus exposure to other lean thinkers is priceless!

I am near speechless

by John Cunha

I am near speechless at the conclusion of my Japan Study Mission. The entire trip was packed with learning and exposure to amazing and new things. Paul’s commitment to constant improvement is not only evident in the quality of this trip but happens directly in front of you. He provides an amazing and dynamic example of exactly those things which this trip is meant to convey. - Thank you, Paul and Mami San!

Amazing Experience

by Jono Craven

The Japan Study Mission was an amazing experience that immersed me in the culture of Japan, its people as well as a wide range of businesses. These visits give great insight into TPS and lean and are fantastic for visual learners. An incredible experience with the amazing Paul & Mami san. Would recommend to anyone interested in LEAN and wanting to improve their business and life.


by Rob Galloway

The Japan Study Mission was a fantastic, inspiring experience overall! My favorite was really seeing the variety and contrasts of approaches to seeing the application of the same principles. I loved the reflections on the bus and hearing everyone’s takeaways. At the very top was Daihatsu and Lexus and seeing high quality at opposite ends of the price range. Very different from the low cost means cheap from an American perspective. The cultural details that were consistently demonstrated and pointed out throughout every day, mottainai and omote Nashi, kept my mind focused and aware long enough to make a lasting difference. My brain can’t possibly shrink all the way back. The addition of Ken Mogi was a wonderful surprise but only because it was couched in an overall amazing week. Really, if I were to remove anything other than the TOTO tour, it would diminish the overall experience. It was a particularly meaningful life experience. Thank you for this gift! I promise to repay it by making a bigger difference in the lives of those I have an opportunity to influence for good.

The learning to be had is infinite

by Eric Pope

The second time was just as impactful as the first. The learning to be had is infinite. The learning from Paul , Japanese culture, coworkers and tour companions created so many impactful moments and thoughts. I’ll be back.

perfectly choreographed dance

by Alex Parker

A perfectly choreographed dance through a lean journey

The Japan study mission is amazing!

by Troy Campbell

The Japan study mission is amazing! What a great opportunity to see how the Japanese culture has influenced the world of manufacturing. Any person with an interest in further understanding the Toyota Production System should make a Japan trip. I am so greatful for Paul and Mami-san’s preparation and wide variety of experiences they put together. Non stop learning for 4 days straight!!!!

Michelin 3 star experience!

by Wade Holbrook

Once again Paul Akers delivers a Michelin 3 star experience which means it was exceptional and worth a special journey as it can be life changing if you are looking to change and discover what it takes to create a culture that is continually progressing, because therein lies joy.

Super high quality, high-value trip

by Eric Gilbert

Super high quality, high-value trip. It was four packed days of activity the helped me to see lean, live lean and think lean. Challenging at times, consistently brilliant and absolutely wire to wire with consent. The fact that Paul doesn’t charge more for this is a testament to his dedication to teaching and sharing these concepts.

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