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by Linda Marleau

I met Paul in the early ‘90’s and love his overall enthusiasm and so respect his entrepreneurship...most of all, I so appreciate him as well as his wife; as being they are such true and caring people. They are solid!

Response: Thanks so much, Linda.

Not bad for a bunch of nit wits!

by Sean

You helped a struggling sheet metal contractor in Maine understand this Lean Journey. Sales went from a 10 year average of 13mm, to last year of 30.2mm.... this year sales will be 40-45mm..... and we just left a meeting last week with a Billion dollar global company that wants to partner on projects all over the South. 100mm is achievable in 3-5 years. Not bad for a bunch of nit wits, from Maine. 🙂 .... thank you for everything you do. You change people’s lives.!

Thank You

by Andy Smith

Hey Paul,

I have just finished an incredible day of learning at my church, watching the Global Leadership Summit from Willow Creek. During it Bill Hybels challenged us to thank the people in our life's who have made us the leader or better leader we are today.

So here is my email today to you to say Thank You. I can still clearly remember the day I listened to your book for the first time. Also the fact that when i finished my 2 hour drive, not wanting to leave the car so i could hear the next chapter.

I then emailed you and thanked you for the writing a book that created that light switch moment in my head. The crazy thing was you replied, what author does that. (Clearly a humble one) Since that moment i have not looked back, i feel i am now more humble, a better leader, learner, colleague, husband and father but i still have so much more to learn.

Without your leadership i would not have had the incredible opportunity to go to St Louis in September to see first hand what people centric leadership looks like. To learn from such powerful, engaging and humble leaders all in one place i would never though i would have been a part of.

I have set my self a challenge to not only change NZWindows to be more respectful and humble but also our whole industry we work in. I am also writing a letter to our new elected Prime Minister about how Lean has changed my life and I will enclose a copy of 2 Second Lean and Lean Government Now. Time to change the world.

So for that and everything else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Andy Smith
New Zealand

Lean Healthy lunch

by Steve Clark

A quick note: This past weekend I went with my 2 boys and our Scout Troop for a hike on a local mountain. We did 14.5 km. I packed a Lean Healthy lunch( awesome salad with some fish. My snacks during day was pineapple, tomatoes and nuts). There are no excuses for not eating right. I looked at others that were eating lunch near us and it was all processed packaged "foods". As I talked to some the same answer kept coming up " I didn't have time to pack a healthy lunch". I think it took me 3 minutes to put everything in a small cooler bag and put it in my backpack.

Since listening to Lean Health I've lost 32 lbs ( weight I did not have to carry across and over the mountain). Is it because it is so simple that people don't do it?

last point I ran 14 Kms.( training for 1/2 marathon) I took 1 minute off my best 10kms.
Everyday I'm making small improvements to my health!

Thank you for making this message clear and simple for me. I am sharing your wisdom and common sense with my friends ( some are actually listening and seeng the results).


thank you for your inspiring words and videos

by Steve Clark

Hi Paul,

I am taking a few minutes today to write to you and thank you for your inspiring words and videos. I'm a full time firefighter and a self employed contractor ( using lean methods everyday to improve) I have sent you videos on my Lean journey ( lean tool box). I just finished listening to Lean health on a USB stick in my truck. January 2016 45 years old I started my Lean health journey... I 'm 5'11" and was 210 lbs. 6 months after I was down to 169 lbs! Your words struck a cord and it was simple.

I hurt myself and came up with all kinds of reasons and the next thing you know I was 194lbs. 30 days ago I listened to Lean health and resumed where I was on MyFitnessPal app now I'm 183lbs and feeling awesome knowing that with a realignment I'm back on track and will be back to 170lbs.

Amazing how I was able to lie to myself and get off track. I now pledge to listen once a month to Lean health and hear your words of wisdom! It works ! It feels great to be losing the weight again no more aches and pains. I just ran a 10km cross country race and had a time of 54 minutes. This weekend another 10km road race I want to do it in 52 minutes.

Thank you Paul for all that you do to help others!

Steve Clark

Response: Steve, thank you for all of your inspiring words back to me. I appreciate your honesty transparency and your hard work. Having exceptional health is one of the most important things I've ever done in my life and I'm glad you're on the journey I'm here to help you in anyway I can.

shout out

by Dave George

I want to give a shout out to all the WONDERFUL people on the production floor who share their ideas on your videos. You guys are the real movie stars of our world – you inspire and change people’s hearts and minds. This is the Human spirit in action and you are making a difference in this world that matters. Please don’t ever forget that.

Thank You

by Kevin Weselmann

Paul, After Dave got us sold on Lean and Kaizen events we started to stall because we were in the busy season and events were difficult to schedule and complete. In the summer of 16 Dave told me about Two Second Lean. Two Second was the missing part of conventional Lean philosophies. It brings Lean to a personal level that conventional Lean can’t touch. Myself and the D5 leads have all read your book and are using your examples to make D5 Lean. The most amazing part of two second Lean is what it does to people. It empowers and engages people at work like nothing I have seen in 30 years of working at Gemini. Your enthusiasm, your sharing of your success with others is an admirable thing. Thank you Paul Akers for helping D5 GET LEAN!

Response: Thanks so much, Kevin. This is super!

Can't stop watching your videos

by Delsing Van Kampen

Hi Paul

I want to thank you! I discovered your videos recently and can’t stop watching them (so many!). I resonate so much with Lean methodology and your approach to things. It makes so much sense to me and I find it very inspiring. To see a person and a company doing things excellently is rare in this culture.

A Rebuild
I have really taken to heart something you have said; You can’t change anyone else, so get busy changing yourself (I am paraphrasing). So, I am rebuilding everything in my life right now. I am 53 and am just now committing to being in excellent health and fitness. I lost 15 lbs., and am working on another 15. I am a carpenter but I've hit a wall of frustration, constantly hunting for tools and redoing work that isn't excellent. I need to be so much more organized so I don't go insane.

To this end, I am rebuilding all my tool boxes, work vehicle and even my living environment with Lean methods. I have always thought of myself as an innovator but am totally humbled by watching your videos and listening to your books. They truly are a template for learning how to be efficient and clear.

Sincerely, Delsing

The American Innovator-Lean:The most important thing

by Julie

Paul, I started watching your videos about two years ago. I started making one improvement every day at work. I work for a world wide company and am living in Australia. The company I work for follows lean principles but we are only given basic understanding. I started watching your videos and I was inspired by your energy. In 2016 I was nominated employee of the month and also employee of the year for my country. I am travelling to New Zealand next month as part of the prize. Although I first heard of Lean at work - your videos truly inspired me. I would like to thank you personally for changing my life and I hope to meet you one day.

Response: Thank you Julie for your kind words. You made my day. I would love to meet you, too. I travel all over the world and was recently in Australia and New Zealand! I'm sure I'll be back. Follow my Speaking Events (under the Speaking tab) to find out when.

Love your work!

by Robert Doughty

Love your work! It's made a world of a difference in my Personal and Professional life. I now get 8 hours of normal days workload performed in 41% of the time and use the remaining time to perform more 2SL improvements.

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