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You’re never too young for making shop improvements!

Allen Bonthuis sent us this video and said, “You and 2 second Lean are a great inspiration to me working in the agricultural field and trying to help my customers get started in Lean. You have also inspired me to take Lean into my own woodshop and there are some videos of that coming soon to YouTube and Facebook. What I wanted to share with you today though is my fun day in the shop with my grandson yesterday. He started asking questions about my new work table and why I was taking apart my old work bench and well you can see for yourself what happened…”

Katie the Lean Advocate

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Katie is a great example of living Lean!

Lean Clothes Folding

Dave George sent us this cool video showing how Lean applies to clothes folding. Great job guys!

San Jose State Manufacturing Students

Current Class of Manufacturing Students on a field trip from San Jose State with 2 Second Lean!

Lean Pigs

Grace Douge explains how she uses Lean principles and 2 Second Lean when raising her pigs. How cool is this?

Amazing Japanese Kindergarten

Paul Akers visits a Kokkaido Kindergarten. These kids continue to amaze him! And the drone continues to amaze them!

Keep the rope tight, or else!

Ashley Bailey and his son William Bailey discuss the importance of keeping the rope tight.

Cord Drawer Organization

Check out Noah’s first 2 Second Lean video…he is a natural!!!

Finding the Root Cause

Ashley Bailey and his daughter Katie schools us on Lean!

100% Clean 100% of the Time

Gabriel shares his contribution to cleaning up the common area room.