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If you’re like me and lack the time, or maybe the attention needed to flip through the old paper pages of a book, now you have other options. Or, if you just love the convenience and the thought of listening to the book as if the author is sitting right there telling you their story, we’re making that dream a virtual reality with absolutely stunning professional audio-books. We’re also making some of these classic titles available in eBook, Youtube, Audible, and other downloadable digital formats for the first time as well.

We’re just starting the process of reproducing and recording some of the greatest historic and classic business books made ready for today’s technology. It’s an exciting process built sort of like shareware for personal improvement. It’s the idea of people helping each other become better people who help each other become better people. Yes, you did read that right.

Our goal is to give these books away for free. To do this takes money. By making a donation you are sharing in this improvement movement. When you donate or purchase these titles you’re investing in making even more titles available to more people. That’s the concept behind Generosity Press.


Today and Tomorrow

Henry Ford’s Today and Tomorrow continues Ford’s mentoring tradition in true Ford fashion. It’s like an assembly line for building success after success and has been churning out great achievers for nearly a century. Ford’s vision was to create a timeless reminder that the work ethic and inspiration of his day could be multiplied, molded, and imprinted on the innovative minds of tomorrow. Now you can finally enjoy this newly annotated and illustrated version of the vintage 1926 Henry Ford classic adapted for today’s digital devices.

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1973 Toyota Production System Manual

Toyota Production System Manual

This simple manual is a shining example of LEAN management and productivity as exemplified in TPS (The Toyota Production System). The concepts from this groundbreaking manual helped put Toyota on the international map by building a new and improved reputation for efficiency, quality, and integrity. These concepts can be applied to nearly all forms of business, production, and management.
Today and Tomorrow by Henry Ford Listen on YouTube 1973 Toyota Production System Manual Listen to 1973 Toyota Production System Manual in the Lean Play App Listen to the 1973 Toyota Production System Manual Listen to the 1973 Toyota Production System Manual 1973 Toyota Production System Manual
A Miraculous Life bylaws Norman Bodek

A Miraculous Life

“Miracles are serendipitous experiences that change your life for the better. They are also life’s great learning experiences. Herein, I will write about 68 miracles in my life; each one helping me move forward and overcome my own obstacles, challenges, real and imaginary, placed in front of me. I hope that this book will help and inspire you to really have a great life based on something that you really want to do for your own benefit, and also for the benefit of others.”
— Norman Bodek

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