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After my 18th birthday, a restaurant owner at the time, I started gaining weight. I gained 4 pounds per year to be precise. Fast forward 30 years and the math becomes obvious. Obese was an understatement at a weight of 310 pounds. Then comes this 2 Second Lean Health process outlined by Paul’s trials and tribulations. It took a little while to “get it” but when I did, the rockets started firing. I have managed to lose 4 pounds a week over the past 10 weeks! Are you kidding me? I would never, in a million years, have thought this was possible. When I am done, I will be back at my high school weight and will have added 20 active years to my life. What a gift! This is a must-do-type book. After you break through the barriers that Paul describes, you will never look at your life the same way. Paul may be a Ferrari, but I am the Space Shuttle Discovery!
~George Trachilis, P.Eng., Author of OEM Principles of Lean Thinking, President & CEO, Lean Leadership Institute

In his new book, “Lean Health,” Paul Akers presents a relentlessly logical, “elegant” approach to improving one’s own personal state of health. It’s CLEAR. His book is loaded with specific examples. A favorite of mine is “the picture diet.” It’s ATTAINABLE. Everything he suggests is possible for all of us. Paul does a great job of challenging the excuses we make when we try to convince ourselves that in some circumstances—travel, for example—healthy practices aren’t possible. He proves they are. It PAYS OFF more than it COSTS. By making this approach simple and fun, Paul takes the “cost” out of the recipe. By sharing the benefits of his own journey, from being in the best shape of his life down to the exquisite tastes of non-processed, natural foods, fruits and vegetables, we can taste the payoff for making healthy changes in our own daily practices. Simply by reading this book, I have bought into launching my own Lean Health journey. Once you read it, so will you.
~Doug Walker, Author of A-Ha! Performance: Building and Managing a Self-Motivate Workforce, 2007, Wiley Press

I love and respect Paul and I know his sincerity. He has not written this book to make money. He has written this book because the Lean Health process has worked so well for him and he knows it will work the same way for you. Over the last number of years, Paul has become a master of Lean. His company, FastCap, is probably the best Lean company in America. He produces products with very high quality, at very low cost and with very fast delivery. It is the model of “Just in Time.” It follows the principles established by the Toyota Corporation. Every person at FastCap is a leader. Every person there creates an improvement idea every single day. The company is very well-organized; everything has an exact place; the floors are spotless; even the bathroom is the cleanest I have ever seen in America. Paul has made a showcase of his company and now he has made his physical body a showcase for you to follow. Now, keep it simple. In fact, Paul’s major message in life is to keep it simple. His advice in the book is not complicated—no, not at all. Just look at the book as a cookbook. It is a cookbook to create a new you.
~Norman Bodek, Author of The Harada Method, Eighty-three years old and as spry as ever

Over the last several years I have invested considerable time in my mental, spiritual and physical health. I exercise almost every day and as a vegetarian I thought I ate fairly well. But as I crossed into my 50’s, the extra weight still crept on. When Paul shared his physical transformation and the method he used, his concept of “your body is the customer” aligned with the customer-centric thinking I’ve embraced for decades as a Lean manufacturing proponent. Paul’s pointers are easy to understand, easy to implement and, perhaps most importantly, easy to sustain. I quickly realized I was underestimating portion sizes and distorting the nutrition/exercise balance. By embracing Paul’s Lean Health concepts – and, quite honestly, lifestyle – the positive changes have come quickly. I am adding value to my body, my customer.
~Kevin Meyer, Co-Founder and Partner of Gemba Academy LLC.

If you find keeping a diet hard, this book is for you. With the plethora of dieting books in the world it’s hard to imagine how anyone could carve out a niche. But that is what Paul Akers has done! He did what is missing in every other dieting book. The how. How to get the motivation to keep to one. Anyone eager to keep a diet who is not eager to keep a diet will find the solution to why every previous diet failed them in Paul’s magnificent book. Paul not only lays out a clear recipe for healthy eating, but brilliantly explains the method to create the motivation to keep to it. Other than preparing the food for you, Paul lays it all out for us – thank you!
~Rabbi Stephen Baars, Author, Executive Director of Aish Seminars