Louis Zamperini Tribute

On this week’s show, we honor Louis Zamperini, who passed away on July 2, 2014, at the age of 97. On Christmas Day, the movie Unbroken was released. It is the story of his amazing life. Back in February, 2011, Paul Akers and Jon Lussier had the opportunity to interview Mr. Zamperini on The American Innovator radio show. This week we replay that interview.
Listen to Part One (starts at 7:27):

Listen to Part Two (starts at 6:42):

 Louis Zamperini is one of America’s greatest heroes. An Olympic runner and WWII POW, his life story was written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Laura Hillenbrand (author of “Seabiscuit”) in the book “Unbroken”.

Louis was blessed with not only an extraordinary personal will to succeed and an amazing gift of athleticism and talent, but with the power to find it within himself to forgive. The story of how Louis Zamperini was able to ultimately triumph over those who subjected him to his darkest hours is a tale you will never forget.

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