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NEVER done improving!

Dale, of Klime-Ezee, shared this video showing his 2 Second Lean improvement for the day of moving the shredder closer to his desk.

After feedback on his first video, Dale then moved the shredder forward and lifted it up. NEVER done improving!

Lean Saw Shavings

Walters & Wolf shared this video showing a great example of fixing what bugs you!

5S Employee Files

We often get asked how Lean works in an office setting. Well Walters & Wolf shared this video showing a great example.

Speaking in Iceland

Pétur Arason is a senior engineer and Chief Challenger of Status Quo @ Manino. When Pétur invited me to speak at his 2 Second Lean event, and I jumped at the chance!

A clip from the event

Gemini says thanks!

Dave George, Continuous Improvement Leader at Gemini Sign Products, sent us this cool video.

Bad People v. Bad Process

Filipe Marques, of Torre shared this video he took during the 2017 Global Lean Leadership Summit of Marc Braun, at Cambridge Engineering. Next time you think you might have bad people, rethink it!

100 Days of Progress in Motion

Eliminating waste, focusing on the customer and continuous improvement. See how the Frisco Library is putting concepts from Lean Culture into practice (and improving customer experience!).

Derek and the Kaizen Mind

Paul shares a Lean improvement from Derek, The Cabinet Doctor.