Want an excellent look at Toyota’s history?

Lean Morning Meeting Area

Jack at JJB shares their updated morning meeting area.

JJB 2020 Favorite Improvements

So fantastic to see other companies making these videos! Great job JJB!

Are you embracing “fuccessfulness?”

Shamash Alidina shared this blog post discussing how Failure + Success = Fuccess.

01.11.21 | Categories: Lean, Lean Organizations

Lean Packaging Cart

Mind-boggling. This awesome! Max is a great Lean thinker and are very humble and willing to improve. So inspiring.

Are you spending enough time on the factory floor?

Are you spending enough time on the factory floor? The genius from Elon musk! Check out this Wall Street Journal article

12.10.20 | Categories: Fix What Bugs You, Lean, Lean Organizations

Lean Parking Garage

If you have big eyes, you can see Lean everywhere. Thanks, Filipe Marques for this great example of strong visual controls!

Lean Rest Stop

Want to see the ultimate Japanese rest stop?

11.25.20 | Categories: 2 Second Lean, Lean, Lean Organizations, eBlast

Lean Pup Stop

Are you looking for ways to help your vendors? Brannon Berton, of Sunroc Corp, sent us this video.

Bob Taylor

Want to know four important innovations at Taylor Guitars?