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OB Construction Greeting

Paul Akers sends out his greetings welcoming OB Construction on their Lean journey! For more information on OB Construction, visit their website.


Paul Akers responds to a question posted on his “Who are the 2%” video about urgency.

How many improvements can you make in a month?

Ryan Tierney, at Seating Matters, share their favorite improvements for the month.

Kaldi’s Coffee Greeting

Paul Akers welcomes Kaldi’s Coffee on their Lean journey. For more information about Kaldi’s Coffee, visit their website.


Paul Akers and his Mom responds to Thomas’ question about the creativity Lean adds to a culture.

Are you ready to go on the Japan Study Mission?

We have a few spots left on Team 29 (April 15-20). For more information, press here.

The Key to Lean

Paul Akers discusses the key to Lean.

TPS is Flexible

Paul Akers discusses how you must allow flexibility on your Lean system.

2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit

Mark your calendar…the 2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit will take place on Sep 22-24 in Riverside, CA hosted by Fireblast Global & Phenix Technology! This is an invite-only event. To attend, please complete the application on the website.