Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Cubby Holes

Our class has much better visual control with this lean principle idea we had!

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Mail Slots

While applying lean principles, our class built these mail slots so that we can save multiple amounts of time!

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Box

How one classmate saved “Time and Space” using lean principles.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean bedroom

This is how a classmate saves time in the morning using lean principles.

Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Doorstop

A classmate shows a simple solution when applying lean principles.

State Prisons Follow Businesses By Going Lean

Boeing Helps State with Lean Management Reforms


When announcing her proposed budget reduction strategy, Governor Gregoire also highlighted one way the state hopes to improve service delivery even as changes are made to program funding levels: Lean management.
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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Garbage Can

A classmate shares a brilliant idea on keeping the garbage bag from collapsing into the garbage can when something gets tossed into it. Simple. Easy. Lean principles applied!

First Day in Bali

Paul Akers’ first stop on my trip to Bali all recorded with FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount. For more information on FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount, visit our website.

How to make a scuba diving video

Paul Akers discusses how to make a scuba diving video with the go pro camera and Fastcap’s Mini iPole while aboard the Aurora.