Elevate Construction Podcast | Lean Heaven

Paul Akers joins Jason Schroeder on the Elevate Construction Podcast to explains how to have total quality, total participation, and the kind of Lean culture he has at FastCap.

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The Power of 2 Second Lean

I spoke with Jeremy Frank on the Industrial Transformation Podcast about the Power of 2 Second Lean.

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36th annual AME International Conference (virtual)

Paul will be leading a panel discussion (with Marc Braun of Cambridge Air Solution and Eric Gilbert, of Anova) on “How to grow people and build a ‘fun’ lean culture” at the 36th annual AME International Conference (virtual). It will take place on Thursday, October 29 @ from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. To learn more, press here. To register for the event, press here.

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Shisa Kanko

Thanks to Steve Cummins for sharing this video with Paul…

“Steve I’m aware of the process and I always observe it every time I’m in Japan. I haven’t made a big enough point about it on the Japan Experience tour but I will in the future. I’ve seen many videos on it but this is by far the best one thank you so much for sharing. Just recently in our morning meeting at FastCap, we watched two videos similar to this but yours is better. Paul”

AME Interactive Discussion

Richard Evans, the president of AME in Canada, speaks with Paul Akers about the simplicity of Lean.

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How To Stop Being Stupid With Your Time And Resources

Paul joins Nick Bradley on the Scale Up Your Business podcast to discuss how continuous improvement can strengthen and improve your life and business, how to nurture and develop culture, productivity, efficiency, and much more!

AME Interactive Discussion | Lean is Stop

Paul Akers led an interactive discussion yesterday for the AME. For more information on AME, visit their website.

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Do you always do your best?

Ben Kinney Master Class

Ben Kinney interviews Paul Akers for his Master Class series. From how FastCap got started and how Lean changed his life! For more information about his classes, go to this link.

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Do you always do your best?