Lean Shop cont.

Paul Akers uses FastCap Cover Caps in hardrock maple to improve his shop improvement.

Lean FastCap Products

Lean Signs

Matt comes up with a creative use for FastCap’s Puka Patch!

Lean RV Filter

Brian Kliss takes Lean out to his trailer. Love this!

Lean Kaizen Foam Scraper build

Peter makes a jig for the Kaizen Foam Scraper to make packaging easy!

Speed Dividers to the rescue!

Lyle uses FastCap’s Speed Divider to help organize the Kaizen Foam boxes.

Want to point things in the right direction?

Simple improvements can make a big difference. Thanks, Dalton! For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Arrows, visit our website.

10.06.20 | Categories: FastCap, FastCap Products, Lean, Lean Fastcap

Lean Vacuum Hose Storage

Paul uses FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, Speed Tape, and Screw Gun Holder to fix what bugs him about the vacuum hose.

Lean Camera Storage

Lean Spare Tire