How much waste is acceptable?

How Lean is your break room?

01.08.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, eBlast

Are you Paying it Forward?

12.18.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, eBlast

Hugh Visits Seating Matters

Do you dance at your morning meetings?

No Slogans or Awards

Paul Akers discusses why there are no slogans and awards at FastCap.

Can laundry be fun?

Seating Matter’s 2 Bin System

The Purpose of 3S’ing

3S = Sweep, Sort, & Standardize

Lean Vacuuming

Peter and Skyler come up with a creative way to vacuum under work tables using FastCap’s FastPipe and FastWrap.

Want to know what to do when your boss doesn’t get Lean?

I get asked so often, it bears repeating!