Archive for Fix What Bugs You

Lean Cardboard Bin

Lukas fixed what bugs him about the cardboard bin.

Want to see some Lean Firewood?

Paul Akers discusses how he stores his wood for winter.

Lean Quick Mandrel Build Area

Lyle makes a number of improvements to Lean out FastCap’s Quick Mandrel build area.

Lean Box Handle

Lyle adds a handle to the PowerHead Screws box to make it safer.

Lean Hub Station

Have you thought about how small improvements every day can really add up!

Lean Garage Door Opener

Lyle uses a FastCap SpeedClip to make emptying the trash easier.

Lean Truck Straps

TJ, from Walters and Wolf, shows the Lean way to roll up truck straps.

Lean Draft Stoppers

Jen and Rhonda work together, and with the help of Jayme, fix what bugs them.

Lean Yard Trimmers

Are you “thinking outside the box?”

Lean SawHood Clamp Drill Cleanup

Lukas gets creative on how best to clean up while drilling FastCap’s SawHood Clamp.