Lean Dog Food Station

Want to see what dog upkeep looks like after you’ve been on a Lean journey? Brandon Vande Brake sent us this video showing how he improved his dog food station. So dialed in!

Remembering Norman Bodek

I’m remembering my dear friend and mentor, Norman Bodek. I learned more from this one man than anyone else! It’s sad that when an old man dies it’s like burning down a library! He will be greatly missed!

12.16.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, Lean, eBlast

Banish Sloppiness

Are you seeing in super high detail?

12.02.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, Lean, eBlast

Lean Rest Stop

Want to see the ultimate Japanese rest stop?

11.25.20 | Categories: 2 Second Lean, Lean, Lean Organizations, eBlast

Lean Pup Stop

Are you looking for ways to help your vendors? Brannon Berton, of Sunroc Corp, sent us this video.

Bob Taylor

Want to know four important innovations at Taylor Guitars?

Lean Health

Are you letting your ego get in the way? Check out this interview by Declan Treanor of Performance Treanor.

Lean Drums

Are you always looking for ways to make things a little bit better?

Lean Woodworking Cart

How flexible is your woodworking cart?

Shingo’s 10 Wasted Years

What has your focus?