Arcadia Nevada Goes Lean

Robert Goudelock, of Walters and Wolf, sent us a copy of this email. So encouraging! He and Henry Nguyen, of Arcadia Nevada, gave us permission to share this.

“I have been asked by Arcadia LV to extend a THANK YOU to Walters & Wolf for introducing them to 2 Second Lean. Henry recalls when we started the Desert Blue project and Ken & I were in his office explaining to him what we had been learning and how it could benefit him. He admits it went in one ear and out the other. He says it really was an issue of pride with him especially since he had been successfully operating in the black for 8 years and that was good enough. The Walters & Wolf LV team kept on him and then a few weeks back he asked Ken for a 2 Second Lean book which he read cover to cover that night . He got so excited that he ordered 40 more copies in English and Spanish for each of his employees. He said that after reading the book he was embarrassed upon walking into his office & fabrication area and how much waste there was. The manager of Arcadia LV North, Mark Knutzen, took the book home and wasn’t aware that his wife had read the entire book and started making changes around the house and in particular the bathroom that they share. She started using LEAN terminology and telling him that there are going to be some major changes in their home which inspired him to finish reading the book. Henry mentioned that he had to humble himself and realize that if they have been operating in the black for all these years what’s the potential for the future of the company and the impact on the lives of his employees as they start to practice LEAN and learn to see waste at work and at home.”

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