Lean Spreadsheet

Thiago and Christian work together to solve a problem with the cycle times spreadsheet.

Lean FastPipe Build

Saed & Peter get some help from Jayme & Andréa to save time packaging the FastPipe product.

Lean FastPipe Station

Peter and Saed are so creative! Love all the continuous improvement they make to the FastPipe build area!

The 8 Wastes

No waste on these stairs. Thanks Gary Bucey for the share!

06.18.20 | Categories: 8 Wastes, Lean

Lean Mag Shims

Lean CNC Z Stop

Dennis uses his wits, not his wallet to quickly adjust the CNC Z Stop.


01.17.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 8 Wastes, Lean, Lean Fastcap

Lean Label Maker

Jen adds some instructions to the label maker to make it easier for anyone who uses it. Now that is eliminating waste!

Should you memorize the 8 wastes?

03.06.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 8 Wastes, Lean, eBlast

How to NOT memorize the 8 wastes

Paul Akers discusses the 8 wastes: Over-production, Over-processing, Excess inventory, Defects, Transportation, Unused employee potential, Wasted motion, Waiting times.

12.09.18 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 8 Wastes, Lean