Poka-Yoke Example

Mark Dvorak shows how to mistake-proof his tool storage.

Lean Labels

Lean FastPipe Station

Peter and Saed are so creative! Love all the continuous improvement they make to the FastPipe build area!

Are you using strong visual controls?

Lean Quad Trimmer Blades

Lean Life & My Wife

For more information on Lean Life, go to this link.

07.01.20 | Categories: 2 Second Lean, Lean, Lean Farms, eBlast

Lean Best Fence Packing

Are you using #strongvisualcontrols? Matt, Tyler & Andréa show us how.

Are you training your people?

I’m not sure who originally posted this (if you know, please let me know), but it is genius!

06.29.20 | Categories: Lean, Lean Organizations

Lean Deflector Station

Zack uses his wits, not his wallet to improve the Deflector build station.

Lean 2P-10 Build Station

Zack set the standard for refilling the 2P-10 build station.