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Leaders vs Managers

Filipe Marques, of Torre made this video reflecting on our time in San Diego as we trained for the Ironman.

Bad People v. Bad Process

Filipe Marques, of Torre shared this video he took during the 2017 Global Lean Leadership Summit of Marc Braun, at Cambridge Engineering. Next time you think you might have bad people, rethink it!

San Jose State Manufacturing Students

Current Class of Manufacturing Students on a field trip from San Jose State with 2 Second Lean!

100 Days of Progress in Motion

Eliminating waste, focusing on the customer and continuous improvement. See how the Frisco Library is putting concepts from Lean Culture into practice (and improving customer experience!).

All in favor of making our government Lean?

Over eight years ago I had my first encounter with Harry Kenworthy. I can still remember his words as they resonate in my head today every bit as much as they did then. “How do you make lean stick? You must set an expectation and inspect the expectation and celebrate every accomplishment.” So practical it hurts! Lean Government Now! is exactly the same practical and to-the-point book. If you’re looking for theory, this probably is not the best book for you, but if you’re looking for a pragmatic approach to making government (or for that matter, any organization) more effective using powerful Lean concepts, Harry has unlocked the door! ~Paul

Busy does not equal productive

We watched this in our morning meeting. Such good words.

Home Gym Freestyle Swim Bench Improvement

Paul Akers discusses the improvements he has already made to his bench press to practice swimming in the gym. He uses FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to transform his bench press.

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

How do I use MyFitnessPal?

Paul Akers demonstrates how he uses the MyFitnessPal App to track his food intake. For more information on MyFitnessPal, go to this link.

How to Mentally Prepare for an Ironman

Paul Akers discusses how he mentally prepares for an ironman. Guess what…it is all in your head!

2017 Global Lean Leadership Summit

The Annual Global Lean Leadership Summit was hosted Cambridge Engineering this year. The Summit has a strong spirit of generosity, of giving back to society by freely sharing best practices with one another and Cambridge Engineering has this in spades! Below are some random images from the event.

Paul with the Tension Envelopes Team


Paul with Roy (HB McClure)

Paul with Josh Springer (Bottoms Up Beer)

Jordan, Peter, Zack & Jake (FastCap)