Lean Woodworking Cart

Adam shares his customized woodworking cart using FastCap’s Fastpipe, Kaizen Foam, Screw Gun Holder, Eye Mount, Glubot, and so much more!

Lean Milltronics Tool Box

Lukas 3S’d (sweep, sort, & standardize) the milltronics tool box using FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.

Lean Spreadsheet

Thiago and Christian work together to solve a problem with the cycle times spreadsheet.

Lean Spray N Wipe

Lean Food Marking in Frig

Lean FastPipe Build

Saed & Peter get some help from Jayme & Andréa to save time packaging the FastPipe product.

Eliminate Injection Molding Cart II

Peter and Skyler continue the work to eliminate the Injection molding cart. So smart!


Eliminate Injection Molding Cart

Peter and Skyler work together to eliminate the Injection molding cart. So smart!

Kaizen Foam to the rescue!

Brian Roesch is a self-proclaimed reformed pig…thanks to FastCap’s Kaizen Foam!

Lean Drill Station

Ryan Wichman organized his drill station with FastCap tools.