Lean saw blade

Adam uses strong visual controls on the DeWalt saw.

Lean Pocket Chisel Build 3

Lyle makes even more updates to the Pocket Chisel build area.

Lean Pocket Chisel Build 2

Andréa makes it easier for Lyle to identify the correct Pocket Chisel.

Lean Pocket Chisel Build

Lyle and Luke use strong visual controls to help them in the Pocket Chisel build area.

Lean FastCap Products

Are You Using Strong Visual Controls?

Lean Wood Storage

Lean Parking Garage

If you have big eyes, you can see Lean everywhere. Thanks, Filipe Marques for this great example of strong visual controls!

Shisa Kanko

Thanks to Steve Cummins for sharing this video with Paul…

“Steve I’m aware of the process and I always observe it every time I’m in Japan. I haven’t made a big enough point about it on the Japan Experience tour but I will in the future. I’ve seen many videos on it but this is by far the best one thank you so much for sharing. Just recently in our morning meeting at FastCap, we watched two videos similar to this but yours is better. Paul”

Lean Grinder

Paul added labels to the grinder so it won’t bug the next person to use the machine.