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Lean Kaizen Boxes

Jen and Jayme create a process for packing Kaizen Boxes using strong visual controls and a QR code.

Organizing your tool chest?

Ted Pancoast, of Ted Pancoast Woodworking, shared this video showing how he used Kaizen Foam to organize his tool chest.

Organizing Cords

Paul Akers demonstrates his simple 2 Second Improvements for today. Are you fixing something that bugs you each day?

Lean Ladders

Glenn Rieker, from MKE Greenworks, send us this video solving the age old problem of where to grab the ladder so it is balance. So simple. So wonderful. So Lean!

Here is a link to his original video and their website.

Lean Sushi

Paul Akers discusses the Lean elements at Kuda Sushi and how to order your food.

Want to see a rest stop that will blow your mind?

Paul Akers discusses a rest stop (or service area) outside of Nagoya, Japan.

Caspian Sea Project

Paul is getting checked out before visiting the BI Group’s Caspian sea job site. Impressive standards!


Do you use strong visual controls?

The guys at MKE Greenworks shared this video showing how they use strong visual controls that will end up saving hours of time!

Are you using strong visual controls?

Another 2 Second Lean improvement from Pitt Meadows Plumbing showing how they use strong visual controls to keep their expander head holders organized!

Lean Water Meters

Chris Hotze, of Crescere Capital Management, sent us this video showing how some strong visual controls make life so much easier.