Want to See Some Friendly Bees?

Paul Akers discusses how friendly his bees are.

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Lean Bee Keeping Day 4

Paul Akers discusses the work involved in keeping bees.

He got the idea of the Flow Hive from Thomas Riner, Farming Outside the Box. If you haven’t seen any of his Lean Farming videos, you’re missing out!

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Lean Bee Keeping

Paul Akers discusses his current endeavor…be keeping.

07.30.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Bees

Lean Bee Flow Hive!

Paul and Leanne Akers are now the proud host for a Bee Flow Hive. The Flow Hive is a beehive designed to allow honey to be extracted simply by turning a lever: the hive does not have to be opened and the bees are not disturbed as in normal extraction. Now that’s Lean!

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