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Shortcuts App

Paul Akers discusses how he uses the Shortcut App with his Wunderlist App to save time.

For more information on the Shortcuts App, go to this link.

For more information on the Wunderlist App, go to this link.

iMovie Map Background

Paul Akers demonstrates how he adds a travel map to his videos. He likes using the Blue Marble Map Background in iMovie.

Text Expander

Paul Akers uses Text Expander for today’s 2 Second Lean Improvement.

For more information on Text Expander, go to their website.

YouTube Double Tap Fast Forward

A day ago Paul Akers shared a video showing how to fast forward a YouTube video on the iPhone ( Well Derrick Holland saw the video and pointed out that if you double tap in the front or back, it will go back or advance by 10 seconds. Nice tip

Yokoten – when people transmit information across an organization so everyone can learn together.

Want to fast forward YouTube videos on iOS?

Paul Akers shows how to increase the playback speed in iOS.

How I manage my photos?

Paul Akers discusses how he manages all the photos he takes on his trip. First trick is don’t overproduce! Second key is one piece flow

Making a moving map in a video

Paul Akers demonstrates how to make a moving map in iMovie.

How to make a quick high quality improvement video

Paul Akers gives input on how to make a better improvement video.

Text to Speech Tricks – Lean iPhone tricks

Paul Akers (and Yoshi) provides us with his favorite Text to Speech tricks on his iPhone.

Mac 2 Second Improvement

Paul Akers shares improvements he has made on his Mac in order to speed up his email responses.