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Team 26

Team 26 at the Toyota Motor Kyushu Miyata Plant Tour. Another excellent stop on the Japan Study Mission.

Big Dreams Tour

Want to see amazing work, by an amazing hero?

Black American Founders

We watched this in our morning meeting today.

Quick iMovie Improvement

Paul Akers share a trick he uses to help find photos he wants to insert into iMovie when using the iPhone.

Frankfurt Ironman course

Filipe Marques and I checking out the Frankfurt Ironman course. #ironman #thisishappening #leanhealth #MainovaIronman



Perry’s Amazing Lean Health Journey

Paul Akers discusses Perry’s Lean Health journey…what an inspiration

Toll Booth Precision

Paul Akers discusses the precision of the toll booths in Japan.

My admiration for Japan!

Paul Akers discusses how impressed his is by the Lean practices and respect in Japan.

Lean Pallet Building

A FastCap Team member discusses how to use Lean to build a pallet much faster.

Bam! Fix what bugs you!

Michael Shadow, of Sun Directed Solar Energy Systems, sent us this video of how he fixed getting the trucked aligned every time!