Best Fence Build Fix

Matt adds support to the Best Fence build station to fix what bugs him.

Lean FastPipe Screws

Saed takes another pass at fixing what bugs him counting the FastPipe screws.

Lean Kitchen Knives

Lyle uses some FastCap GPS Dots to indicate what knife goes where.

PAB’s to the rescue!

Matt uses a Best Fence Precision Adjustment Block (PAB) to make the Best Fence build more accurate!

Lean Tail Lock Build Station

Lean Lights

Lean Mag Strip Count

Lukas comes up with a creative way to measure out FastCap’s Mag Strips.

Lean Quad Trimmer Build

Lukas cleans up the FastCap’s Quad Trimmer build boxes.

Lean Build Lights

Matt gets creative using FastCap’s Remote Control Vacuum to light up what parts should be included in his Best Fence build.

Poka-Yoke Example

Mark Dvorak shows how to mistake-proof his tool storage.