Climbing A Crane

We thought you would enjoy this week’s The American Innovator broadcast showing Paul Akers climbing up a crane in downtown Seattle, WA with Matt Stodola of Exxel Pacific. For more information on The American Innovator, visit the website. For more information on the Mini iPole, visit our website.

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Paul Akers’ visit to Sintra and other places in Portugal and Germany for this week’s The American Innovator broadcast.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Drawers

Alexa uses the lean principle of strong visual controls to organize her closet drawers.

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What Is Lean? by Natalie & Mikayla

Natalie & Mikayla take on the tough question, “what is lean” and come up with simple answers with lots of examples. Check out this excellent video!

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Paul Akers uses FastCap’s Mini iPole to record this video at Stonehenge. Very cool! For more information on this product, visit our website.

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Lean In The Classroom

Darryn Kleyn is a teacher at Cornerstone Christian School, and he and his students have been doing amazing things using lean principles. And Darryn has gotten noticed. An editor of a teachers’ magazine in Ontario asked him to write an article on applying lean in the classroom. Here is a sneak preview.

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2 Second Lean Available on

Check out yet another way to get Paul’s book on!

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Shed

Cody shows us how to use Lean Principles to organize the his shed.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Coffee

Dave shows us how to reorganize the kitchen in order to lean out the coffee making process.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Home Bathroom

Corina reorganizes her bathroom to eliminate waste (using lean principles).

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