Why should you go to Japan?

Past attendees of the 2 Second Lean Japan Experience (formerly the Japan Study Mission) explain what they learned in Japan and how it changed their lives. Interested in learning more? Go to this link.

12.30.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Japan Experience

Toyota Taxi

Paul Akers walks through taking the new Toyota Taxi in Japan! Double to fuel mileage of the old Toyota Taxi.

12.02.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Japan Experience

Lean Parking Garage

Paul Akers discusses the Lean vertical parking garages in Japan.

Japan Study Mission Team 31 @ Takagi

“Like drinking from a firehose!”

11.14.19 | Categories: Japan Experience

Japan Study Mission Team 31

Nothing like relaxing at an onsen after a long day of learning on the Japan Study Mission!

11.12.19 | Categories: Japan Experience

Japan, a great week but…

Tom Hughes explains how the Japan Study Mission Team 30 was a great week, but a big waste of time…if he doesn’t transform intellectual knowledge into consequential knowledge!

11.10.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Japan Experience

Sakichi Toyoda’s Loom

Paul explains the history of Sakichi Toyoda’s loom on the Japan Study Mission Team 30. Thanks to Tom Hughes for the great video!

11.09.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Japan Experience

Happy 90th Birthday!

Herman Rockefeller joined the Japan Study Mission Team 30 just in time to celebrate his 90th birthday!

11.08.19 | Categories: Japan Experience

Japan Study Mission Team 30

Tom Hughes took a great recap video of day 1 on the Japan Study Mission. For more information, press here.

11.07.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Japan Experience

Mini Fueling Trucks

Paul Akers found some mini fueling trucks in Japan. Now that is Lean!