Lean Mag Shims

Lean GluBots

Lyle uses FastCap’s GluBots, Kaizen Foam, and GPS Tape to help organize the return station.

Lean Drill Station

Ryan Wichman organized his drill station with FastCap tools.

Lean Scooter

Kaizen Foam to the rescue!

Kaizen Arrows

Simple improvements can make a big difference. Thanks, Dalton!

03.28.20 | Categories: FastCap, FastCap Products, Lean, Lean Fastcap

Want to keep blinds in their place?

Brian Kliss, of Kliss Cabinets, get creative with FastCap’s PowerMags and Kolbe Korners to keep his blinds in place and fix what bugs him!

2cSecond Lean Every Day!

Brian Kliss, of Kliss Cabinets, shared this video of his #2secondlean improvements for the day!


Want to know the Kaizen Hat story?

Paul Akers tells the story of the Kaizen Hat and how it came to be! It is to honor the Japanese people for everything he has learned from them.

Lean Vacuuming

Peter and Skyler come up with a creative way to vacuum under work tables using FastCap’s FastPipe and FastWrap.