Lean 2P-10 Build Station

Zack set the standard for refilling the 2P-10 build station.

Lean Flex Bench Build Cart

Tyler and Adam work together to create a Flex Bench build cart.

Lean Vacuum

Lean Dust Door Instructions

Lukas and Jayme work together to make it easier for our Dust Door customers.

Lean Tool Checkout

Tyler creates a system to check out tools to another area. #banishsloppiness #2secondlean #lean #fixwhatbugsyou #fastcaplean #stopthestruggle #neverstopimproving #banishsloppiness

Lean PVC Change Over

Peter works with Tyler to shave off 23 seconds off each material change…which can really add up!

Lean Workflow

Lukas works with Christian and Lauren to improve the workflow at FastCap.

Lean Cord Retractor

Keeping the Rope Tight

The Japan Study Mission Team learns the power of keeping the rope tight. Are you holding to your standards?

Lean Pen Holder

In an effort to banish sloppiness, Jen improves her pen holder.