Lean Mag Door Build

Lean Lights

Lean TV Remotes

Lyle uses FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to keep the rope tight with the tv remotes.

Lean Kaizen Foam Scraper build

Lukas works his magic at FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Scraper build area.

Lean Order Alert Pt 1

Saed works with Max and Lukas to come up with an excellent order alert system #andon at the FastPipe work station.

Lean Kanbans

Skylar gets creative in moving kanbans forward. Simple solutions are so underrated!

Lean 2P-10 Build Station

Zack set the standard for refilling the 2P-10 build station.

Lean Flex Bench Build Cart

Tyler and Adam work together to create a Flex Bench build cart.

Lean Vacuum

Lean Dust Door Instructions

Lukas and Jayme work together to make it easier for our Dust Door customers.