Morning Meeting Document

Morning Meeting Document (PDF)

How to Shoot a Smooth Video

Paul Akers provide some tips on how to shoot a high quality video.

Niagra Falls

Paul Akers took a detour on a recent work trip to visit Niagra Falls at night and videoed it using FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount. For more information on FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount, visit our website.

Trivan Book Signing

Paul Akers speaks at Trivan on lean principles and does a book signing for 2 second Lean.

Lean: Sorting Your Work Area

Paul Akers discusses using lean principles to sort out of your work area.

Lean: over processing boxes

Paul Akers talks about the over processing box in an effort to explain Lean Principles.

Lean U shaped cells

Paul Akers talks about why they use U shaped cells at FastCap and how they apply Lean Principles.

Should I file for a patent?

Paul answers the question, “Should I file for a patent on my idea?”

Lean Office Procedures

Jenny shows us how she improved FastCap’s Office Process Book by applying lean principles.

Cornerstone Christian School ‚ Lean DML 1000

How classmates designed and created a very cool new tool to mark lines on a soccer field applying lean principles.