Tailgate Meeting

Jason Herrera, of DPR Construction, shared these images of their tailgate pull plan and said:

“Over the past year I have been a part of many projects trying to integrate Last Planner tools into their foreman meetings and scheduling meetings…I’ve struggled with field engagement and generating value in these sessions, especially the first session.

That all changed today…I have a feeling a large part of the success was related to the session literally taking place on the tailgate of a truck. The foreman had no option whether they would sit or stand. There wasn’t any struggling to get the guys out of their seats and engaged at the planning boards. Perhaps the environment was even a little more comfortable for them opposed to being in the generals trailer surrounding by collared shirts.

Following the meeting the…foreman came up to me and said it was by far the best pull plan session he had ever been a part of.

I really do believe this is taking the principals of LEAN and removing the waste of make things more complicated than they have to be. Keeping it simple. After all, pull planning is just a high level of coordination and some of the best coordination has always taken place at a jobsite tailgate.”






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