The American Innovator – Wood Planes Project

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, makes a display board for his wood planes collection. Paul uses a ton of FastCap’s products for this project: Smart Cleat, PowerHead screws, Laserjamb, AB2 Laser, ProCarpenter Standard Story Pole Tape Measure, FatBoy Pencil, PowerMags, ProHold Magnetic Wrist Strap, Taper Lock, Deflector, Fastcap (peel & stick), Micro FlushMount Drill Bit System, Flush Cut Trimmers, Flex Square Screw Bag, Handle on Demand (HOD), 2P-10 Kit, SoftWax Wax Filler Kit, TriBlade Utility Knife, Long Nose Marker, #2 Square Bit, 6″ Titanium-Coated Driver Bits, and CatEyes Safety Glasses.

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