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2 Second Lean – Polish Version

Good news! The Polish version of 2 Second Lean is now available in audio formats. So go to the book page and check it out!

Welcome to Lean Kukoon Rugs

Paul Akers welcomes Kukoon Rugs on their Lean journey. For more information about Kukoon Rugs, visit their website.

VanTec Waste

Sherri Hotzler, of Vantec, Inc., sent us this video showing how that reduced wasted regrind. Continuous improvement has great dividends.

Wash, Rinse & Dry All in One

Wash, Rinse and Dry your hand all in one sink. Now that’s lean!

Is your Sushi Lean?

Paul Akers takes us along to a Sushi restaurant in Japan…and it is Lean!

More improvements

Giving the customer what they want

Want to see a Lean Grocery Store?

Paul Akers discusses all the features that make this grocery store a lean grocery store.

Is your job boring?

The folks at Cambridge Engineering and doing a fantastic job!!!