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“Opportunity in business is never an expanding market, it is doing a better job.” ~Bob Taylor

07.13.20 | Categories: Lean, Lean Organizations

1973 Toyota Production System Manual

The 1973 Toyota Production System Manual is a shining example of LEAN management and productivity as exemplified in TPS (Toyota Production System). The concepts from this groundbreaking manual helped put Toyota on the international map by building a new and improved reputation for efficiency, quality, and integrity. These concepts can be applied to all forms of business, production, and management. And now it is available for free. Press here for the 1973 Toyota Production System Manual in various formats brought to you by Generosity Press.

AME Interactive Discussion | Lean is Stop

Paul Akers led an interactive discussion yesterday for the AME. For more information on AME, visit their website.

07.10.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Speaking Events

Lean Kanban Card Display

Matt and Lukas fix what bugs them about the Kanban card display.

Emotional Energy Pt 1

How much energy are you gaining?

07.08.20 | Categories: 2 Second Lean, Lean, eBlast

Poka-Yoke Example

Mark Dvorak shows how to mistake-proof his tool storage.

Lean Labels

Lean FastPipe Station

Peter and Saed are so creative! Love all the continuous improvement they make to the FastPipe build area!

I love my Country!!!!!

Paul Akers shows how he celebrated the 4th of July!

07.04.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos

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