Cell phones at work?

Paul Akers discusses the importance of respecting the company and the customers at FastCap.

What is the criteria for making an improvement?

Anyone can use the Lean Hub!

Want to find a Lean maniac near you? The Lean Hub allows you to to do this!

For more information on the Lean Hub, go to this link.

Cold Water Waste

The folks at Walters & Wolf know how to make videos that get their point across and are humorous, too!

Are You Passing On Waste To Your Customer?

Thomas Riner, of Farming Outside the Box, can see waste anywhere. That’s why we love his videos!

How I Eat

Paul Akers discuss how he eats to stay lean.

Amazing Japanese Kindergarten

Paul Akers visits a Kokkaido Kindergarten. These kids continue to amaze him! And the drone continues to amaze them!

Are you making your life easy?

Need to work on your tan?

Paul Akers has done such a good job empower others that he now has more free time to “work on his tan.”

Hingepoint | Lean Journey

Paul Akers welcomes Hingepoint on their Lean journey, reminding them that Lean is all about eliminating waste and making their work more enjoyable.