OB Construction Greeting

Paul Akers sends out his greetings welcoming OB Construction on their Lean journey! For more information on OB Construction, visit their website.

Lean Mondo Grout Gun

Greg hit all the points on this improvement…safer, higher quality, simpler, and faster. Very well done!

Lean SpeedTape Measurement

Peter and Truman use their wits to turn the SpeedTape measurement process from a two-person job into a one-person job.


Paul Akers responds to a question posted on his “Who are the 2%” video about urgency.

100 Improvements in 4 days

Paul Akers shows off his 100 Improvements he made in 4 days.

Lean Rockler FastPatch

Skyler and Peter are the definition of continuous improvements when Leaning out the Rockler FastPatch process.

How to have a Great Life?

Thomas Riner asked Paul’s Mom what is the key to life?

How many improvements can you make in a month?

Ryan Tierney, at Seating Matters, share their favorite improvements for the month.

Kaldi’s Coffee Greeting

Paul Akers welcomes Kaldi’s Coffee on their Lean journey. For more information about Kaldi’s Coffee, visit their website.

Thanks for the Guitar Lessons!

Paul thanks his Mom for early guitar lessons…and plays her a song!