Amazing Kaizen Foam Improvement

Paul Akers and Tyler Erickson come up with a very nifty way to display FastCap’s PowerMags using FastCap Kaizen Foam. Now that’s a great Lean improvement.

Practicing Lean

“If we keep practicing, we might get good at it eventually. We all have a starting point in our personal “Lean journeys.” Looking back at our first year of work in Lean or continuous improvement methodologies, we probably weren’t very good at it. What are our reflections and lessons learned? This book is a compilation of those stories.”

To listen to Chapter 5 (Paul’s contribution), press here.

To purchase, press here. (100% of proceeds are being donated to the non-profit Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation)

Register now for the November Japan Study Missions!

Paul Akers discusses the 4 upcoming Japan Study Missions that will take place this November. Sign up soon, these are filling up fast. Only 17 per session. For more information on the study mission, go to this link.

Each applicant must submit a video. Here is an example:

How much do you spend on your Lean videos?

On September 12-13, 2017 we are honored to join Marc Braun at Cambridge Engineering to attend this year's Global Lean Leadership Summit!

Lean Cycling Improvement

Paul Akers using Lean principles to improve his bike helmet just in time for the Vichy, France Ironman.

6 Hacks for a long successful swim career

This guy make amazing videos!

Vichy France Ironman

Today’s the day! Getting ready for my second ironman!

Lean Restaurant?

Filipe Marques, of Torre, discusses the importance of seeing value verses non-value activities.

What is Lean?

Paul Akers discusses how everything you do is a process and every process can be improved.

Want washing and drying in one machine?