Why Settle for Good?

When “good” isn’t good enough! Improve. Improve. Improve again.

Don’t Waste Motion

Don’t waste motion trying to put your trash cans in the right place. Thanks, Ali.

Lean Coffee Station

Getting your coffee shouldn’t be stressful. Lean out your coffee area.

Lean Knuckle Bender Build

Kara stops the struggle in the Kiss Drill Bit System build area. Thanks, Lukas, for the assist!

Are you taking a bath?

One of my best improvements for #leanlife was about 10 years ago I learned from Winston Churchill about taking a daily bath. It’s definitely improved my life and then as I started to work in Japan, I started going to the Japanese onsen and that further improved my life. Studies have indicated that lingering in the bath can also improve mental efficiency and reduce the likelihood of dementia.

01.31.21 | Categories: Lean Health, Lean Life

Lean Knuckle Bender Build

Darby and Lyle work together to stop the struggle in the Knuckle Bender build area

Lean Tool Cart

Want to see the rolling tool cart we use at FastCap?

Lean Wood Stacking

Paul uses FastCap’s Speed Divider to help organize the wood in his shop

Lean FastPipe Build

Sometimes simple fixes can make a big difference in work enjoyment. Thanks, Saed!


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