The iPole in Aspen

Another skiing video in Aspen Colorado, all shot by Paul Akers with FastCap’s amazing iPole. For more information on this product, visit our website.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Hair Clips

Jamie demonstrates how she organized her hair chips using lean principles and strong visual controls.

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A Journey to Discover the REAL KAIZEN

The Japan Kaikaku Experience benchmarking tours are an integral part of the services offered by the KAIZEN Institute. Join participants from around the world on a remarkable tour and learning experience by visiting the best practices in Japan.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Pencil Box

Allysa shows how she organize her pencil box using Lean principles and FastCap’s Kaizen Foam. For more information on this product visit our website.

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King County Executive Says County Is Getting ‘Leaner’

King County Executive Dow Constantine gave his State of the County address yesterday. He spent a good deal time talking about how some county operations have gotten more efficient under his administration. Constantine credits a Japanese production process that is aimed at cutting waste. KUOW’s Deborah Wang has more.

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Land Rover Waste

Martin Atkins sent us this example of what is NOT lean at Land Rover.

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Out The Window @ 65 mph – Still Steady And Smooth

Paul Akers demonstrates how FastCap’s Mini iPole out the window @ 65 mph is still steady and smooth. To order this product, press here.

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iPole Around The World

Paul Akers pulls together some of his best iPole clips from his travels around the world and does a quick explanation of how to use FastCap’s iPole in almost any situation.

For more information on FastCap’s iPole, visit our website.

Please Note: The FastCam has been discontinued.

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2012 Macworld iWorld San Francisco

Paul Akers demonstrates FastCap’s Mini iPole at Macworld 2012. To order this product, press here.

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