Lean: Laminator

A FastCap Team member discusses the use of Lean to improve use of the laminator.

Lean: Machining – Deflector Maxx Improvement

FastCap Team members demonstrate using lean to improve processes in the work area.

Lean: Simplified – 2P-10 Caddy

Corenia demonstrates how Lean helps with packaging the 2P-10 Caddy.

Improving Pallet Jack Usage with Lean

FastCap Team members discuss how Lean helps in organization and use of pallet jacks.

Lean Bathroom

Paul Akers discusses how they leaned out their bathroom at FastCap. For more information on Paul’s lean book, visit 2 Second Lean.

Hiking the Twin Sisters

Paul Akers and Jon go hiking at the Twin Sisters.

Improving the Fastedge Table

FastCap Team members use Lean to improve the Fastedge work table.

Organizing the Paint Closet

The FastCap Team uses lean to organize a paint closet.

Plastic Material Improvements through Lean

FastCap Team members demonstrate using Lean and the evolution of our plastic storage systems.

Winchester Mountain Lookout

Another KILLER day in the North Cascades. Paul Akers and friend head up to Winchester Mountain Lookout today. A warm fall day with crystal clear skies. Used FastCap’s iPole to video the trip. For more information on FastCap’s iPole, visit our website.