Want defect-free beer?

Paul Akers shows us how to pour a perfect glass of beer with the perfect head.

Take a tour of FastCap

Paul Akers provides the requirements for a tour of FastCap and also provides an updated tour of FastCap. Check out all our lean improvements!

How to make a quick high quality improvement video

Paul Akers gives input on how to make a better improvement video.

Sharpening the Knife

Paul Akers explains the great technique of sharpening the knife at a sushi restaurant in Japan.

Pitt Meadows Plumbing Lean

Paul Akers congratulates Pitt Meadows Plumbing for their great job on making Lean videos! You can check out their YouTube Channel here…but we will be posting some of their videos moving forward!

Can making videos really help your culture?

Keep it Lean – Become more productive and motivated!

Mattia Sander sent us this article and said “I was invited to write an article for the Institute for Scientific and Technical Communication in the UK. In the spirit of simplicity, I wrote a short article with entry points to different Lean topics, and of course I recommended people to read your book! Looking forward to your new book! Have a good one!”

Excellent article Mattia, and thanks for spreading the word about 2 Second Lean.

This Lifehack Will Make You More Efficient

Here’s another article from Arianna Rehak…This Lifehack Will Make You More Efficient.

A few weeks back, Arianna Rehak interviewed Paul for Association Success Podcast.

Finding the Root Cause

Ashley Bailey and his daughter Katie schools us on Lean!

Lean Exposure

Cambridge Engineering takes us along on their Lean journey to McElroy Manufacturing and Tulsa Tube Bending in Tulsa, Oklahoma.