Lean Office

Often I get asked how to do Lean in the office. Christian shows us how!

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Are you making work more enjoyable?

Skyler uses Lean to make tools easier to find & work more enjoyable!

Lean band saw station

Tyler keeps the rope tight at the band saw station.

Lean FastPipe Desk Build

Lean Tool Checkout

Tyler creates a system to check out tools to another area. #banishsloppiness #2secondlean #lean #fixwhatbugsyou #fastcaplean #stopthestruggle #neverstopimproving #banishsloppiness

Lean Little Lipper Station

Kaizen Arrows

Simple improvements can make a big difference. Thanks, Dalton!

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Lean PVC Change Over

Peter works with Tyler to shave off 23 seconds off each material change…which can really add up!

Lean Sweeping

Jack Bussey shows how continuous improvement makes our lives so much easier!

Decorquip Lean Tour

How much engagement do you have?