Want a erasable label that can stick to any surface?

Lean Labels are a great erasable label that can stick to any surface. This versatile system allows you to organize efficiently without the stress of a label machine. Simply pick which shape that will work best and use a Sharpie™ or water soluble pen to write directly on the smooth white PVC material. Need to fix or add something to it? No problem! Wipe it away with lacquer thinner (for Sharpie™) or water (for water soluble pen) and write away! Never been a better time to get organized!

Cool iPhone tip!

Paul Akers discusses a new tip he discovered. Did you know that you don’t need a scan app to read QR codes? The camera app is all you need for lean QR Code reading.

Leaning my workspace

Always good to get the kids involved in Lean! For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

Lean Leadership Innovation Summit

Excellent time speaking at the Lean Leadership Innovation Summit in San Juan Puerto Rico yesterday! To watch my entire talk, press here.

Do you see waste everywhere?

Waste Glasses from Hahn & Houle LLP on Vimeo.

Crazy Small Improvements

Ryan, the Co-owner of Seating Matters, brought 5 Team members all the way from Ireland to visited FastCap and he finally gets it…crazy small improvement each day is the key!

How much courage does it take to start your own business?

Lean…. let’s do life better!

Check out this article by Paul Akers on the Lean Construction Blog…

“This June I will be speaking at the Canadian Lean Conference in Winnipeg Canada. My subject will be “Lean is Simple.” It is centered on how I built a Lean culture with my team at FastCap and how thousands of other organizations around the world have done the same. However, if Lean is so “simple” why do so many people struggle to make it happen and make it sustainable?” To read the entire article, press here.

How close are your Employee Engagement and Customer Experience Strategies?

“Many studies have shown that there is a strong link between an engaged workforce and a satisfied customer base.” Press here to read the entire article by Lee Houghton.

Free Bikes 4 Kids is Lean

Not only is Free Bikes 4 Kids a wonderful organization…it’s Lean, too! Thanks to Abe McMahan for bringing this organization to my attention!