Lean Wood Stacking

Paul uses FastCap’s Speed Divider to help organize the wood in his shop

Lean FastPipe Build

Sometimes simple fixes can make a big difference in work enjoyment. Thanks, Saed!


Want an excellent look at Toyota’s history?

Lean FastPad Build

Peter eliminates wasted motion at the FastPad build area.

Lean FastPad Build

Peter eliminates #wastedmotion at the FastPad build area.

Lean Morning Meeting Area

Jack at JJB shares their updated morning meeting area.

Lean saw blade

Adam uses strong visual controls on the DeWalt saw.

Lean boxes

Jen fixed what bugged her about the mail terminal boxes. Thanks, Adam, for the assist!

JJB 2020 Favorite Improvements

So fantastic to see other companies making these videos! Great job JJB!

Are you embracing “fuccessfulness?”

Shamash Alidina shared this blog post discussing how Failure + Success = Fuccess.

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