Lean Recording Studio

Watch Paul as he uses FastCap’s Speedtape to quickly transform an ordinary room into a soundproof recording studio. Wow!

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Lean Batchwork vs. One Piece flow

FastCap team members demonstrate a Lean process to improve in the injection molding area.

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What Bugs You WH2

Yuriy was frustrated by his filing cabinet that kept tilting when he extended the drawers. He thought of quick 2-second improvement with just a couple screws. Wow, could it be any easier? Now his drawers stay in place.

09.16.11 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean News

Lean Dust Control

FastCap team members walk us through a simple yet effective Lean improvement using our own FastEdge!

09.14.11 | Categories: 2 Second Lean, Lean News

Lean: 2 Second Improvements every day

Paul Akers discusses how he applies lean principles to keep things organized, making one small improvement each day. Look for Paul’s book called 2 Second Lean which will be out in a few weeks!

08.25.11 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Homes

QR Codes

Paul Akers explains how QR codes are Lean.

08.23.11 | Categories: 2 Second Lean

Lean Workbench Improvements

Paul Akers shows how Lean can improve a workbench. Just a few changes every day!

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Lean in every part of government

Paul Akers discusses cutting 10% out of the Federal Government!

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Lean in every part of government

Paul Akers explains how all of us are waste tornados

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What is lean?

Paul Akers explains lean in 1 minute.