Can Castrating Piglets be Lean?

Thomas Riner, of Farming Outside the Box, shows he all-time favorite Lean improvement.

Vacuum Backpack Home

Lukas creates a home for the vacuum backpack with all the fixings.

Interested in having Paul speak?

Paul Akers provides an overview of his speaking presentations: Lean is Simple; Getting Things Done; Understanding Japan; Banishing Sloppiness; Morning Meeting.

2018 Favorite Project | Japanese Garden

Paul Akers describes his favorite project of 2018…a bridge and bench in his Japanese garden at his home.

BI Group Update

Paul Akers will be checking back in the BI Group in March 2019. Finally found someplace colder than Kazakhstan!

Lean Travel Pad

Paul Akers gets ready for his 14 flight with the Travel Pad that Seating Matters mad for him. For more information on Seating Matter, visit their website. Want more Lean Travel tips, check out my Lean Travel book.

Why is Lean fun?

The Key to Lean

Paul Akers discusses the key to Lean.

Seattle Mariners Spring Training Motto!

“The official motto of the Mariners’ Spring Training — as posted boldly on the team’s clubhouse walls at the Peoria Sports Complex — is “Kaizen,” which is the Japanese word for continuous improvement.” Press here to read the entire article.

Lean Life Intro

Paul Akers shares the intro from his newest book, Lean Life, that should be will be available soon. For more information on Paul’s books, press here.