Lean Drawer Front Clamp Station

Lean Drill Bit Box

Lyle uses his wits, not his wallet to Lean out the Drill Bit Box!

05.12.20 | Categories: Fix What Bugs You, Lean, Lean Fastcap

FP McCann and 3sing

Adam, at FP McCann in Ireland, shares their 3S (Sweep, Sort, & Standardize) board.

Lean Dremel Storage

Ben Kinney Master Class

Ben Kinney interviews Paul Akers for his Master Class series. From how FastCap got started and how Lean changed his life! For more information about his classes, go to this link.

05.09.20 | Categories: Lean, Speaking Events

Lean Conveyor Belt

Lean Laundry Light Show

Paul Akers visits a laundromat in Japan that visually lets you know when a machine is available.

05.07.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos

Lean Best Fence Stop Build Station

Matt changes up the labels at the Best Fence Stop build station. The small things can make a big difference!

05.06.20 | Categories: FastCap, Fix What Bugs You, Lean Fastcap

Lean Blue Bin Build

Lean Dust Door Instructions

Lukas and Jayme work together to make it easier for our Dust Door customers.