Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award Winner!

Shingo-logoGeorge Trachilis, of Lean Leadership Institute Submitted 2 Second Lean for The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award. And it won! “2 Second Lean has joined a distinguished group of recipients that have demonstrated a commitment to promoting Operational Excellence through published works, and we are proud to add this publication to that elite group.”

“By design, the Shingo Awards represent the highest standard of excellence in the world. Not only do your efforts distinguish you as a member of an elite group doing world-class work, you are also changing the world and we are honored to have you with us on the journey.”

We loved their initial feedback!

4 thoughts on “Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award Winner!”

  1. Congratulations Paul!

    What a well-deserved recognition of what 2 Second Lean means to the Continuous Improvement world!

    The way you started to extend your knowledge about Lean is truly innovative. By creating a learning experience that also incorporates seeing, reflecting and even feeling (with Lean Health) you will continue to create a-ha moments for all who start their journey with you, and make an impact on their lives.

  2. Well deserved recognition!
    Paul you have an incredible gift of being able to simplify the principles of the Toyota Production System that resonates with hard working people all over the world.
    All of us here at Walters & Wolf are so thankful that you helped us begin our Lean journey and appreciate the continued support you give us. You truly exemplify the Lean spirit of giving back and contributing to the greater good for all. I personally can not thank you enough for the profound impact you have had on my life, both in business and at home!

    • Nick, Whenever I have people like you everything is easy. You make Lean easier than I do. There is no substitute for a great leader!!!!! Thanks, Paul


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