We recieved this note from Brad McMahan at POET:

Just wanted to thank you for writing 2 Second Lean. I’ve read it twice and now I’m having my maintenance crew read it. Today we had some of our corporate people fly in to visit our plant in Cloverdale, IN. Our director of operations asked our maintenance clerk how she likes her new job and what kind of things has she been doing and learning. I had the biggest grin today when she mentioned in her discussion that she was “fixing what bugged her.” That phrase if very simple and very catchy. We are all working on ways to fix what bugs us. It is definitely a journey.

Here is a before and after picture of our maintenance office. The first picture was our first year of production, 3 years ago. Very chaotic and unorganized. As you can see some improvements have been made and we are a little more organized. I’m ready to take it one step further and take out the chairs and build some stand up desks on casters.