2014 New Product Round Up

Paul Akers walks us through FastCap’s New Products in 2014. Innovations like you have never seen because 95% of these product ideas come from you!

To learn more about these products, go to these links:
2P-10 RT (Rubber Toughened)
Shake Light – not being produced
Power Mag Screw Gun
Adjustable Knuckle Bender – not available yet
Burn One Tape Measure
3/4 x 2.5 Flush Grommet – http://www.fastcap.com/estore/pc/viewprd.asp?idproduct=13445
10 Million Dollar Stick
The 11th Finger
Saw Stache (Flexible Bristle)
Quick Release Mandrel – not available yet
Hoval – not available yet
GlüBot (with Lanyard)
TracPad (3×3) – contact sandi@fastcap.com to order or go to this link for smaller size
3rd Hand Pipe Adapter
3rd Hand Panel Adapter
Fastedge Clamp (with 6×6 Foot)
LED Saw Hood Light – this product has been replaced with the Flex Light
ChopShop Saw Hood PRO
Best Fence Systems
Packing Bumper – not being produced
Please Note: The FastCam has been discontinued.
SpeedTape Applicator
HD Stealth SpeedBrace
HD Dishwasher SpeedBrace
Zero Clearance Tape
KISS Drill Bit System
Eco-Friendly Paper Fastedge
2 Second Lean (3rd Edition)
FastCap Catalog
Crown Control

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