Thank You for Lean


I want to extend a “thank-you” for taking the time to “go to gemba”.¬† To jog your memory, I was the “young guy” in the back and my wife Kaila is Georganna’s niece.¬† Kaila and I extend our thoughts and prayers to your success in your election.¬† I will be sure to pass the word on.

As I mentioned last night, the past few years I have had extensive exposure to implementation of Lean Culture.  I have seen the success first hand in product development, project management, and manufacturing.  It was very exciting to hear of your enthusiasm to extend the boundaries of a solid improvement methodology into the governmental arena.  Even more compelling is that you are clearly running with the right motivations and principles at the core.  I deeply wish you the best of luck.

I have had some good training in leading Kaizen workshops and trying to gather a group of people around the spirit of improvement.  If there is anything specific my experience in being immersed in lean can offer let me know.

Tim Treto

Mechanical Engineer