James says thanks!

James from Outside the Music Box says thanks! If you don’t know about him, you need to learn more!!!

Lean Chop Saw Station

Gary LeClerc, of Renew Furniture, sent us this video showing how he Leaned out his Chope Saw with the following FastCap Products. Cool!

Best FenceChopShop Saw Hoods
LED Saw Hood Light
10 Million Dollar Stick
CatEyes Glasses
Zero Clearance Tape

Airline Lounge Orientation

Paul Akers recommends looking around at airports and airport lounges. Sometime the best stuff is a little harder to find.

Lean Pocket Hole Station

Ken Allender, of Wildwood Cabinetry, sent us this video showing a super improvement Fitz made to their pocket hole station.

Paul’s Year End Message

Paul Akers reviews 2016 and realizes that failure is the platform for innovation.

Why Is Something As Simple As Lean So Difficult to Do?

“Recently my good friend Paul Akers of FastCap and lean blogging fame asked me why lean, which appears to be so simple, ends up being so hard for people to do. In my decades of leading lean, in fact, this has proven to be perhaps the most important challenge.”

Want to hear Art Byrne’s response? Press here to read the entire article.

Do you need an Ongoing Improvements Board?

Filipe Marques, of Torre, sent us this video showing how seeing this at Xylem Design, they created an Ongoing Improvements Board. Maybe you could use one, too?

Lean Paint Cans

Joe Hinkens, of Mainline Autobody, sent us this video their 2 Second Lean improvement with the aerosol paints.

Want to hear the best explanation of One Piece Flow?

Lean Filing

Ashley Bailey, of Klime-Ezee, sent us this video how by one small step he fixed what bug him from now on when filing.